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The 10 Best Dog Crates Reviews – Which One Suitable?

best dog crates reviews

When it comes to taking care of your dogs, you need to have a proper dog crate. Sometimes you need 2, one for the travel and one to station inside the house.

Personally, I have 2 dog crates and I used both of them. Like I said, one for travel and one to station inside the house.

Dog crates are important because they are just like house to you. This is especially true if you bring your dog to travel along with you.

Your dog will feel more comfortable and safe when she stays in the crate while you bring her travelling to places that are not familiar to her.

Other function of the crate is to make sure that your dog stays within control and not causing havoc running around.

It will be extremely dangerous if your dog is not well-trained, let loose and chasing after people.

We all have heard dogs causing accidents because they chase after people. Either the person gets injured or the dog end up wounded.

And we just do not want both the situation to happen. Therefore, getting a dog crate is crucial.

How To Choose The Suitable Dog Crate

suitable dog crate cage

So how do you know which crate is the best for your dog? There is not one answer to fit all.

After all, it depends on the dog breed and how big is your dog. It is a common sense that a larger dog breed requires a bigger crate and vice versa.

Here are some factors you can take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best dog crate for your best friend…

The Size – Make sure your dog or puppy is able to stay inside the crate comfortable. A good crate size allows your dog to lie down with both her shoulder and legs stretch and with enough space to turn.

If you get a large dog crate but your dog is small, it will be difficult when you try to carry the crate while travelling. You have to be extra careful on this.

On the other hand, if your dog is big but the crate size is small, your dog will never feel comfortable staying inside.

Some dog crates come with a divider that allows you to adjust the size to contain your dog accordingly. These will be more flexible and a better choice.

The Design – Whether to go for a hard-wired crate or a plastic crate, it is totally up to you. In fact, if your budget allows, you can go for two.

Use a soft one when travelling and put a hard one inside your house that the design can blend in.

Wire Crate – This is good for dog with heavy coat as the air can flow through the crate without blocking. It is also good when the weather is hot so that your dog can have some wind flowing.

However, wire crate can be noisy and sometimes when your dog urinates, it will just come out through the wires. Plus, the design could be not attractive due to the wires. It is like a jail for your dog.

Crates With Soft-Side – Easy to use when travelling and very light-weight. It can be a good choice for smaller dogs and people who love to bring along their dogs to travel.

It may be easy to store, but it can be difficult to clean especially if your dog eliminates inside the crate. Sometimes your dog can bite and destroy the crate because it is not heavy-duty.

Pro-Tip: Do understand why you want to buy the dog crate. When you know your purpose, you can choose the one that is most suitable for your dog.

If you need a crate to put inside your house so that your dog can sleep in it and use it as a her home, choose something nice, something solid, and something that can blend into your house.

On the other hand, if you are getting a dog crate because you want to carry your dog around, try to choose something that is easy to carry and something easy to store.

Below are the 10 best dog crates reviews that you can take into consideration…

1. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky KennelFrom the first look, the Petmate Sky Kennel looks ordinary and nothing special, however, the usability is high and it is easy to clean and carry.

It is heavy-duty, made of high plastic and it is a product of US. And because it is made of plastic, you do not have to worry if it will corrode. The wires are non-corrosive as well.

The clips on water bowls are included and it has pretty good ventilation. It comes with various sizes for you to choose.

This Petmate Sky Kennel is one of the most popular dog crates in the market right now. Most people find it easy to use and satisfy with the price.

Check out this Petmate Sky Kennel here from Amazon.

2. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog CageThis is a heavy-duty dog crate made with premium quality materials. The manufacturer designs the kennel to be used for a life-time! It is very durable and able to withstand higher strength.

However, due to its design, it may not be suitable for smaller and cute dog breed such as the Chihuahua or the Shih Tzu.

This SmithBuilt dog cage is more for bigger dogs. There’s no need to worry about ventilation as there’s no blockage on all the sides.

Plus, this crate comes with 4 wheels, with 2 of the wheels that are locked. It is very easy to move around with the wheels.

There is removable pan located at the bottom of the cage that you can take out for cleaning. It is easy to clean and very easy to use.

The crate has a front door opening and it can also be opened from the top, which makes it very easy and convenient for dog owners.

Check out this SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate here from Amazon.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Solutions Series

MidWest Homes for Pets SolutionsThis is pretty similar to the SmithBuilt dog crate above, just that this MidWest Homes crate is specially designed for bigger dog breeds.

If your dog is a smaller breed, you can ignore this. It is ideal for dogs over 90 pounds. Again, due to the wire style design, the cage is easy to clean and the ventilation is good.

The crate material features a rust resistant coating; it is tough and easy to clean. In the same time, the crate comes along with a plastic pan at the bottom.

Check out this MidWest Homes Dog Crate here from Amazon.

4. Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets KennelThe Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel comes with 3 colors for you to choose from. They look nice and have various sizes to fit your dog or puppy as well.

This kennel is more suitable for crate training and travelling. It is easy to carry and due to its design, it looks clean.

Even though it is made of plastic sides except the front opening, it is quite durable and heavy-duty. There are ventilations on all sides so you do not have to worry about the air flow.

If you are someone who travels a lot with your dog, this might be a good choice to look into.

Check out this Petmate  21100 Ultra Vari pets Kennel here in Amazon.

5. ProSelect Empire Dog Cages

ProSelect Empire Dog CagesThis is a super heavy-duty and very durable dog cage. It is also designed to last forever. The materials are rust-resistant and long-lasting.

It could be the strongest dog crate you can ever find in the market. Therefore, small and cute dogs may not be suitable. It is made for bigger, stronger and more aggressive dogs.

It comes with wheels to make the crate easy for moving. There’s also a steel tray included so that it is convenient to clean your dog’s pee and poop.

Check out this ProSelect Empire Dog Cages here in Amazon.

6. Pet Gear Steel Crate with Pad and Carry Bag

Pet Gear The Other Door Steel CrateThis is a flexible dog crate with 4 door openings including the large side door that you can open up or out like a garage door.

The base is durable and it will not crack even in cold weather. It is easy to set up and you do not need to use any tools for it.

It is easy to store and keep because you can fold it and keep it in the storage bag that also comes along.

This dog crate is more suitable for people who travel a lot. However, it is not as durable compare to other crates.

It is made for easy carry because it has no sharp edges. You can put the crate in your car without worrying if it will scratch the interior.

Check out this Pet Gear Steel Crate here in Amazon.

7. New Age Pet Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Pet Crate with Metal Spindles

New Age Pet HabitatComes with 3 colors and 4 sizes, the New Age Pet Habitat crate is beautifully designed to blend into your house.

It may look complicated, but it does not require any tool for assembly. This is probably the most elegant dog crate around, but it may not be suitable for travelling.

This crate is designed to be station in your house. It can blend perfectly with your home furniture and it has 3 colors for you to choose.

Check out the New Age Pet Habitat Crate here in Amazon.

8. Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Pet Dog Cage

Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Pet Dog CageThis is another high quality and very durable steel style dog cage. Like all other steel cage, it comes with 4 wheels for easy moving and there is also a tray at the bottom for easy cleaning.

It can be folded down easily and you can take it anywhere with you. The double door design is good for easy access. The front door can be locked while the top door gives a wider space for your dog.

It is easy to clean and each bar is firmly welded. When you want to feed your dog or put in the water, you can use the front door easily. If you want to bring your dog out, you can just use the top door.

Grab the Walcut Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate here from Amazon.

9. Crown Pet Crate Table

Crown Pet Crate TableThis dog crate is made of durable hardwood that looks similar to Teak. It is beautifully designed and to blend into your house furniture.

Even though it is made of wood, it is waterproof and the MDF floor is easy to clean and water resistant. This Crown Pet crate is good as a decorative yet works as a functional proper dog kennel.

All the sides of the crate have space for ventilation and air flow. It is designed for most house dog. You can check it out if you are getting a crate to put inside your house.

Get the Crown Pet Crate Table here from Amazon.

10. GoGo Superior Quality XXL Soft Dog Crate

GoGo Superior Quality XXL Soft Dog CrateThis is the biggest soft crate in the market right now. It is meant for big dog breeds including Great Danes.

Very easy to bring along while travelling. Comes with 3 doors, with pull-down shades and zipper open top. It is waterproof and the bottom is sealed for easy cleaning.

This GoGo soft crate is collapsible for easy storage it has steel frames supporting the sides. It is very easy to use and very simple to set up. Great people pet owners who use this when travelling with their dog.

Buy this GoGo Superior Quality Soft Dog Crate here from Amazon.

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