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The Best Dog Training DVD Videos Online – Must Read

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Imagine getting yourself a Golden Retriever, a cute Corgi or whatever dog you prefer to live together with you. Your dog will become part of your family. You love your dog so much but the problem is that your dog just does not listen to what you say.

More importantly, most people thought that taking care of a dog is something easy and training a dog is simple. Well, it may be easy and simple if you know the way. Oftentimes, it is not.

Your dog can cause you a lot of headaches. What if he simply pees around the house and you have to clean up the mess? What if he barks non-stop and it is causing a nuisance to your neighbors? What if he keeps pulling while on the leash? What if he is aggressive and just do not listen to you?

There are many more dog problems you will face in reality. Dogs are animals and if you do not know how to teach them and train them well, they will go according to their own instinct and do what they think are right.

When you look at the dog or puppy, you may feel that he is so cute and adorable that you wanted to adopt him. While this is true, but never forgotten to take into consideration the time and effort you need to train and teach him.

This is why when it comes to proper dog training; I would suggest you learn directly from the expert.

There is no point trying to figure out everything on your own. You will waste a lot of time and furthermore, you will confuse your dog about what is right and what is wrong.

You do know that if you keep running to the west, you can’t see the sunrise, right?

No matter how much effort you put in and how committed you are, if you use the wrong technique, you will get the wrong result.

And if you are going to teach and train your dog anyway, why don’t just go for the right one with proven result?

And this is exactly what had happened to me before.

Like most people, I love dogs and this is why I decided to get myself a dog about 2 years ago.

My Frustration

smart dog

I was so happy the moment I brought Spot back to my home. Little did I know that it was the beginning of my headaches and Spot has caused me a lot of troubles back then.

Spot will just release anywhere whenever he feels like it. And guess what, he loved to jump on people and whenever my friends came for a visit, he will jump on them as well.

Some of my friends just don’t like it because they are not a big dog fan like I was.

To make things worse, Spot always pull the leash whenever I brought him out for a walk. I thought that all I need to do is to just exert more force and make him stay with me. I was wrong.

So I decided to turn to Google for help. I check on a lot of information from the internet, but mostly were crap and repeating information about dog training.

And one day, I stumbled on this guy called Doggy Dan…

The Solution

At first, I was skeptical about the courses provided by Doggy Dan. Why do I need to pay when I can search for the information freely on the internet?

Boy, I was so wrong. I wish that I had grabbed his online dog trainer course earlier when I first adopted Spot, or even before I adopted Spot!

To cut the long story short, I grab the course from Doggy Dan and go through all the dog training videos.

I was amazed at the information he provided and I felt hope again to train and teach Spot.

After 3 months, Spot has learned how to potty correctly and never really release on the wrong spot again. And now, whenever I bring him out for a walk, he will pay close attention to me and stay close to me.

He will never pull the leash anymore and never jump on people. Of course, sometimes he will still tempt to jump on people or pull the leash when he sees something attracted him.

The good news is that he has learned and whenever I told him not to do it, he will listen.

Unlike when I first brought him back, he never really listens to whatever I teach and just ignores my command.

I feel glad that those dog training videos able to help me and Spot so much.

Thus, I think if you are serious about teaching and training your dog, for you and your dog’s sake, get the proper learning material and learn what works.

Stop wasting your time learning and teaching your dog on the wrong techniques. The more you wait the more your dog will associate the wrong behavior as his habits.

So check out Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer program here. Or you can grab 5 free dog training DVD videos from Doggy Dan when you subscribe.

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