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Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tips – Potty Train, Crate Tricks, Obedience And More

golden retriever puppy training tips

Golden Retriever, being one of the most popular dog breeds is the love of many dog owners. A Golden Retriever dog is very adorable and there are many tricks she can do.

Most people will keep their Golden Retriever (GR) in the house instead of outside the house. And this is where all the training will come in handy.

Imagine a GR that is properly trained. She can knows where to pee and poop, she knows when to get in the crate and get into it willingly, not only that, she knows how to fetch things to you and obeys all your instructions.

This is what most people want their GR to do. And this is what you are going to learn from this article.

You will learn how to potty train your Golden Retriever, how to do the “crate” command, how to ask her to fetch you things, obedience training and many more.

However, before you start to train her, you must understand her behavior so that you can train her with better interaction and effect.

The Golden Retriever Behaviors

golden retriever behaviors

When it comes to the Golden Retriever temperament, everyone knows that she is one of the most adorable dog breeds, friendly, active and very easy-going. A GR can adapt to almost all kinds of lifestyle with the owner.

They are very friendly, sometimes their bark is welcoming more than defensive. And they can adapt pretty well with children, other dogs, cats, and even strangers.

And because Golden Retrievers are playful, the house training and to teach them to be obedience is a must.

They are very loyal to their owners and they are considered quite active.

If you love a dog that has beautiful feathered coat, active and athletic, loyal, playful and very responsive to you, then a Golden Retriever will be suitable to you.

However, do remember that this means more time required to spend to train and interact with them. They are active and will jump here and there especially when they are still puppies.

And because of their beautiful feathered fur, you need to be extra careful in taking care of their cleanliness. Regular combing and brushing are required to avoid tangles and a Golden Retriever may have odor if you did not take good care of their hygiene.

Why Do You Need To Train Your Golden Retriever

The answer to this is straight forward and simple. Do you want your Golden Retriever to…

– Barks too much and non-stop
– Steal foods on the table while you are not aware
– Never listen to your command
– Jumping here and there
– Chasing at other dogs or cats
– Chewing your furniture
– Pull when on leash
– Pee and poop anywhere

If you do not want things mentioned above to happen, you should train your dog.

Training a Golden Retriever can be easy, but it takes effort and a lot of patience. A well-trained GR can be very obedient. She can fetch you newspaper, she can do tricks, she will goes into the crate willingly, never pull the leash, pee and poop on where you want her to.

When you know how to teach your GR, she can be the most adorable dog in the world. This is because the GR breed is friendly and knows how to interact with humans.

The Right Age To Train Your Puppy Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppy training

When it comes to the right age to train your GR, this question is quite controversial. Some will tell you to train your dog at the age of 7 or 8 months old, while others will tell you to start the training as soon as you bring it home at about a month or so.

Well, if you check the training from years ago, you will notice that most people will wait until their puppy turns about 8 months only to start training. The reason being that they want their puppy to be stronger and have more energy to do the training.

Years ago, people train their dogs with punishment and correction methods, but if you look at the world today, you will notice that we do not encourage the use physical punishment anymore.

Today, most people will train their dogs with positive encouragement such as giving treats and praising their dogs.

Therefore, you do not have to wait until your puppy to get 8 months old only to start training it. You can start the training right away because those training that you are going to teach is not difficult or require a lot of strength.

Once you bring your Golden Retriever puppy home, you can start to teach and interact with her. She will learn your interactions whether you train her or not anyway, so you might just incorporate the trainings as early as possible.

How To Potty Train Your Dog

golden retriever puppy potty train

Now, let’s talk about how to potty train a Golden Retriever. Like all other dogs, you can follow through these similar steps below…

1. Choose The Right Spot

Before you teach your dog to potty, you must choose the right location. You can choose your backyard or you can also choose your house’s toilet.

2. Bring Your Golden Retriever To Potty As Often As Possible

For your puppy to potty in the designated area, you must bring her to the place as often as possible.

Your dog just cannot tell you that she wants to pee or poop, thus, the only way to tell her the correct place to do the business is to bring her there.

If you are free, you can bring her to the toilet where you want her to pee or poop every 30 minutes. You may feel like this is troublesome, and I can tell you that it is. However, once your dog has learned where to potty, you will never have the worry that she will pee or poop anywhere anymore.

Usually your dog will pee or poop after she eats or about 30 minutes after the meal. So you can time it wisely.

3. Crazily Rewarding Your Dog For The Right Potty

When she potty in the right place that you want her to, crazily reward her. You want her to learn that it is the right thing to do the potty in the right place.

You can praise her and give her treats. Whenever she pees or poops on the right spot, reward her.

And to do this more accurately, you can actually know your dog’s schedule when she wanted to poop. Like human, your dogs will want to pee every morning after she wakes up or after having a nap.

You can also bring her to the toilet before she sleeps or right after every play session you have with her.

Hence, you can increase the probability of your dog potty in the right place.

4. Never Punish Your Dog For Wrong Doings

What if your dog pees or poops on the wrong place? You should not punish her. In fact, punishing your dog for doing that will only confuse her.

You want her to learn where to poop or pee, and not that she cannot poop or pee. Now, you have to understand that she purposely wanted to do it on the wrong place, but it is the owner’s responsibility to teach a dog where to potty.

There’s a high chance that your puppy will urine or poop on the wrong place when she does not understand the rule.

This is where you need to have a lot of patience. Teaching and showing her to do it at the right place. Reward her for doing the right thing, but never punish her for doing it wrong. She is still a puppy anyway.

Every time when she pees on the wrong place, make sure you clean up the spot correctly or else she will repeat that.

You can learn the full detail how to potty train your dog here.

How To Teach The “Crate” Command To Your Dog

golden retriever crate training

Crate training is extremely important for your dogs, especially for Golden Retriever. This is because GR is playful and she could a very good companion to you.

Therefore, you may want to train her to get into the crate while travelling, when nobody is home, to keep her safe when you cannot watch her, to make her a place to calm down, or even to keep your belongings or furniture safe at times.

Before we talk about crate training for your Golden Retriever, do understand that the crate is not used to punish your dog.

When you use the crate to punish your dog and lock her into it, the next time you will find her less willing to get into the crate. You want to create a pleasant feeling to stay in the crate for her.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to teach your puppy about “Crate” command…

1. Get the right crate

Obviously, you need to choose the right crate to train your dog on this.

If you choose a crate that is too small for your GR, she will have less movement and feel like being caged in the crate. She will refuse to get in the next time.

And if you are getting a crate that is too large, you will have problem carrying the crate and troublesome when you travel with it.

So choose the one with the right size. As a rule of thumb, the crate size must fit nicely for your dog. Your dog must be able to stand up without hitting her head, able to turn his body easily and lie down with her legs stretch out.

2. Associate the crate with your Golden Retriever

Use more of the crate when you are with your dog. You want to make your dog to feel comfortable with the crate. You can put her into the crate, without closing the door and when you are around watching her.

Make sure the room where you place the crate is comfortable and safe. Put a cushion or soft bedding inside the crate to make it comfortable for your dog. You can also place some toys or treats in the crate.

This step is to make your dog or puppy to feel comfortable with the crate. You want her to think that getting into the crate is fun and comfortable.

3. The “Crate” training

Use treats to get your dog into the crate. You can show your Golden Retriever the treats and put the treats into the crate.

In the same time, use the verbal command “Crate” or “Get in”. When she gets into the crate, praise your dog, pat her on the head and give her more treats.

Wait until she gets out. When she moves out, you can use the verbal cue “Out” to let her understand the meaning. After she gets out, praise her but give no treat this time. You want her to understand that getting into the crate is more fun with treats.

Repeat this process a few times until your dog learns what you mean with your verbal command.

It may take a few days of training before your puppy can finally learn this command.

4. Close the door

After your dog is comfortable with the crate, you can then try to close the door when she gets in. Ask her to sit and slowly close the door.

Praise and give her treats if she stays calm after you close the door. After that, open the door and let her leave. Try this couple of times and try to lengthen the time for her to stay inside.

However, if she tries to get out or bang the crate when you close the door, it simply means she is not ready for this. You have to have the patience and go slow on this.

You should keep an eye on your dog’s reaction toward the crate. Repeat this training a few times a day to make her feel comfortable with the crate.

5. Increase the challenge

Once you noticed that your Golden Retriever has get used to the crate, increase the challenge by slowly moving yourself away from the place after you get her into the crate.

You can also let her stay in the crate for a longer time say around 30 minutes or more. Besides that, you can try to let your dog to sleep in the crate. You can close the door but make sure you can hear her. This is because puppy usually will want to pee at night. Or else you can just let the door open.

These are the 5 simple steps to teach your puppy the “crate” command.

If you feel that you need to learn more on this training, you can always read the full detail on this training here.

Leash Training With Your Golden Retriever

golden retriever dog leash

When you first bring your Golden Retriever out for a walk, you will see her being excited and wanted to run here and there.

This can be very irritating to you because you need to hold on to the leash and it may hurt your adorable puppy as well because of the tugging on the leash.

So teach your dog to walk by your side through the leash training.

1. Get the right leash

First, you need to get the right leash. For a Golden Retriever, you do not need a choke collar, unless if you are a professional dog trainer.

A slip collar, snap collar or a no-pull harness collar will be just right for GR. Use a fix length leash instead of a extendable one. A fix length leash is easier to train your dog to walk beside you.

2. Every walk is considered as a training session

Every time when you bring your dog for a walk, you are actually training her to walk beside you. You have to be consistent and have patience to teach her.

Prepare some treats with you and get ready to teach your Golden Retriever to walk by you.

3. The leash training

There are a couple of ways how you can conduct and teach your dog not to pull the leash.

Stop and go: Wait until your dog walks till the end of the leash, and then you stop. Call her and let her comes to you. When she comes to you, praise her and give her treats. Every time your dog reaches the end of the leash, you should stop walking, let her stops too or let her walk back to you. When she did that, reward her. You want to associate walking near you means rewards.

Go the opposite direction: When your dog moves to the end of the leash, stop and give a verbal cue such as “easy”. And if she stops or slows down, give her a treat. If she continues to walk and tug the leash, turn the opposite direction and let the leash pull her a little. When she comes to you, praise her and give her treats. You want your dog to check your walking and look at your direction from time to time.

The key is to associate your dog with rewards whenever she listens to your command and walk by your side.

You have to have the patience and repeat this process several times so that your puppy will understand what you are trying to say. After a few days of walking with your Golden Retriever, she should have learned to walk by your side.

Golden Retriever Training Tips

how to train golden retriever

Training a Golden Retriever puppy is not going to be easy at times. Sometimes she will learn fast but sometimes she just wants to play and refuse to obey your command.

Not all dogs are going to behave and react the same way. Here are some tips for you when you teach your dog to obey you.

Remember to reward your dog whenever she follows your command and do as you have asked her to. You need to have a lot of treats especially during heavy training sessions.

Never shout or never punish your dog. If she keeps pulling and tugging the leash, do not pull back harshly or shout at her. There’s a reason she does that. Probably she sees other dogs and wanted to run over. So find out the reason.

Create a schedule to feed your dog each day. Follow through the schedule and make your dog understand that it is meal time.

Golden Retriever dogs are active and they love to play. Hence, learn to interact with them and have fun with them.

Always be consistent in teaching your dogs to stay obedient. Whenever you are interacting with your dogs, they are learning your behavior too.

Want To Learn More About Dog Training Online?

If you are interested to learn more about training your Golden Retriever, you should look for a professional dog trainer who is credible and able to commit and share with you the training.

The only person that come across my mind is Doggy Dan, my friend from New Zealand. He has been a professional trainers for as long as I can remember and he has trained more than a thousand dogs.

Therefore, looking for Doggy will be the best solution. Regardless your dog breed, be it Golden Retriever or not, whether you want to train your dog or you just want your dog to be obedient and listen to your command, Doggy Dan is the person you should check out.

He offers an Online Dog Trainer program. From there, you can learn everything he has accumulated throughout the years as a professional dog trainer.

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