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How To Keep A Dog In Apartment – Potty Train, Best Dog Breed, and More

how to keep a dog in apartment

Imagine living in an apartment with a dog, can you cope with it?

When it comes to a dog lover who wanted to keep a dog in the apartment, it is definitely a can do.

The problem is that you need to understand how to make your dog happy and at the same time, maintaining your apartment in a good way. Plus, you must make sure the management and your neighbors are happy too.

This article will show you the complete guide on how you can keep a dog in an apartment. You will learn what is the best dog breed for high rise living, how to potty train in an apartment and much more.

Consider These Things Before Getting Your Apartment Dog

1. The space.

Usually, apartment tends to have a smaller space than landed property. Thus, it will be smart to get a smaller dog breed with lower energy.

Do you have enough space to keep a dog in your unit? You will need to confine a place for your puppy and you will need to put a dog crate for her.

2. Approval from management.

Well, I’m not sure with your apartment’s management, some do not allow pets in the unit while are totally fine with it. It is best if you can check with the building management before you proceed.

3. Your neighbors

Are your neighbors alright with dogs? Some are allergic to dogs and some just cannot stand with small pets. You can try to ask them and check with them.

If they tell you that they are fine with dogs, you can go ahead. However, if they reject your idea, find out why and try to solve the problem.

You do not want to own a dog in your unit but have to quarrel with your neighbors every day.

4. Is there a park nearby?

walk your dog

Are there any dog-friendly parks nearby your place? Some apartments do not have their own facilities like a garden, so you have to bring your dogs out at another place.

If you are living nearby a park, it will be great news because you can bring your dog there for outdoor activities.

5. Be ready to commit

Taking care of a dog is not something easy especially when your dog just does not want to listen to you. Furthermore, you are staying in an apartment, so if your dog barking non-stop at night, it may cause a nuisance to others.

You must be willing to commit your time and put in an effort to train your dog. Teach her where to potty correctly and train her to be obedient.

Dog behavioral problems develop are usually due to lacks of communication and interaction from the owner. So be ready to commit if you decide to keep a dog.

Once you have thoroughly considered all the possibility, it is time to make your decision and to go to the next step…

Getting the Best Dog Breed for Apartment Living

As what I have mentioned above, it is better to go for a smaller dog breed with lower energy. You do not want to keep a dog in your apartment and keep barking and running around when you are not in.

There will be problems and we have heard dogs fall from a high rise. And we seriously do not want this to happen.

So what are some of the best dog breed that you can consider if you stay in the apartment? Here are some of them…

a. The Basenji.

basenji dog

These dogs seldom barks and they are small in sizes. On average, they seldom get taller than 18 inches and they never grow over 25 pounds.

b. Bulldog.

cute bulldog

I love bulldogs. The Bulldog is one of my top 10 favorite cutest dogs of all time. They are small and they do not have a thick coat, which makes them easy to care. Do you know that Bulldogs can be very lazy? They will just lie on the floor and do nothing, which will be perfect for apartment dogs.

c. The Chihuahua.

chihuahua dog

This is a well-known small size dog breed that a lot of people love. You can consider keeping a Chihuahua in your apartment unit because she is less active and small. And they seldom bark too, unless if strangers are there.

d. The Dachshund.

dachshund dog

They are the smallest dog breed in the hound dog family. They have tiny legs and they are short. More importantly, they are cute and perfect for apartment living.

e. The Maltese.

maltese dog

They are great companion dogs and have been friends of humans for hundreds of years. The Maltese are a lovely dog breed, but they need more attention from their owners. So if you are getting them, make sure you spend more time with them.

f. The Shih Tzu.

shih tzu dog

These are great companion dogs that are suitable for most environments. They are gentle and they can be friendly to your neighbors, children and other pets. When it comes to apartment living, the Shih Tzu is a wise choice.

g. Poodle.

poodle dog

Another famous dog breeds that you can consider. They have been bred in 3 sizes, the miniature, the toy and standard size. Poodles are smart dogs and they are easy to train. You can choose to go for the toy and miniature sizes if you want to. The standard size may be a little bigger depending on your confined area.

The above are just some examples for you to consider when getting an apartment dog. There are much more dog breeds that can be perfect to live in an apartment.

If possible, try to go for smaller size with lower energy and less active dog breeds.

The Best Dog Crate for Apartment Living

You can check out my previous article on my top 10 best dog crates review.

A dog crate is extremely important because it is just like a house to you. And for this situation, you will want to get dog house that is suitable for indoor.

I will suggest you get 2 dog crates if possible. One that will be used permanently in the house and you will never carry it around. Another one for travel when you intend to bring your dog outdoor or travel along with you.

The travel dog crate is optional if you seldom travel with your dog. So let’s just talk more about the best dog crate for your apartment.

When it comes to getting an indoor dog house, I love those crates that will fit and match my furniture. Thus, I will recommend the New Age Pet Habitat.

suitable dog crate cage

It comes in various colors and sizes. For an apartment dog, you can consider getting a small size or the medium size.

As for colors, choose one that will match your furniture and your house.

It was made with ecoFlex tough wood and it is easy to assemble that requires no tools. Not only that, it has a 10-year manufacturer warranty to make sure the crate can last longer with better quality.

You check out this New Age Pet Habitat from Amazon for more information.

How To Potty Train a Dog in An Apartment

I strongly recommend you read my full article on how to potty train your dog before you continue to read on.

The basic for teaching your dog to eliminate correctly in an apartment is almost the same.

So how do you do the apartment dog potty? Here are some tips and suggestions you can follow.

1. Get a special training pad.


all absorb special training pads

You can get this All-Absorb Training Pads from Amazon. Use it during the training and teach her how to potty on it.

Otherwise, you will have to teach your dog to eliminate in the bathroom. It is your choice because it will be depending on your budget and your commitment.

If you train your dog to potty in the bathroom, you will need to be careful when you get into the bathroom and you need to do the cleaning often.

And if you are using the special training pad, it will cost you slightly more, but once your dog has learned to potty at the right place, it will be well worth it.

2. Potty train your dog as young as possible.

It will be better to start the training once you bring your puppy home. And please be consistent on this. If you are using the pee pad to do this, make sure you use it every time.

By the way, try to use the training pad in the same location if possible. You want your dog to know where to go every time when she wanted to release.

3. Reward your dog when she did it right.

zuke mini dog training treats

For puppy and a small dog, you will need to bring them to release more often. It is suggested you do this every 30 minutes to an hour.

Bring her to the potty pad and let her eliminate there. If she releases, reward her with treats and praise her. You want her to know it is right to do it there.

Never scold or shout at your puppy if she causes accidents. She is just a puppy anyway and she needs training.

For a complete information on how to teach your dog to potty correctly, read my previous article here.

4. It requires your commitment.

It is very challenging to house train your dog in the beginning. You may lose some sleep and you will have to wake up early.

However, these are just temporary. Once you have established a workable schedule and get used to it, everything will work out fine.

Here’s a real story example of a member from Dog Forum (Click to get a bigger picture):

how to keep dog in apartment - dog forum

It takes a lot of hard work in the early stage. And once you grab hold of it, things will be easy.

Additional Golden Tips for You

– Remember to create a schedule to train and play with your dog. The most important are your commitment to your dog. So spend time interacting with her and communicate with her.

Bring her outdoor parks regularly. Dogs need to move around like humans do. So spend your weekend with your dog if you have to work full time on weekdays.

Try to get a confined area for your dog in your apartment. You can choose an area in the living or in a room to do this. Turn this area as your dog’s house and playpen. Make her feels comfortable and homey there.

Get some toys for your dogs so that she won’t feel lonely and bored when you are not around. Make sure dangerous items are kept inside and out of your dog reach.

– You can get a dog walker if needed. It is not necessary, but if you can get it for your dog, it will be much better.

Professional Dog Training

There will be times you just feel hopeless and can’t teach your dog anything. When this happened, you should seek help from professional dog trainers.

Dog behavioral problems can be difficult and challenging to handle.

What if your dog barks all the time for nothing and your neighbors keep complaining?

What if your dog keeps jumping on you and chews on furniture?

What if your dog just does not want to listen to you?

When this happened, get help from Doggy Dan. He is a certified dog trainer for years and has helped many dog owners across the globe.

I would suggest you get his Online Dog Training course and learn the right and proven methods to training your dog.

He offered a free trial at just $1. And I believe anyone can afford this. If you get the results you want and successfully trained your dog, great!

If you did not get the result you want, you can get a refund anytime. So I believe it is a great way to learn from the professional at a bargain try-out-price.


Keeping a dog in an apartment is something possible and something that anyone can do if he or she wanted to.

The only issue is that whether the dog owner has the commitment and the time to take care of the dog.

As long as you choose the right dog breed and follow the tips and suggestions above, I believe you will have no problem to own a dog in your apartment.

So tell me, which dog breed do you prefer to keep in your apartment? And how are you doing with her?

Share your comment with me below.

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