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How to Train Your Dog to Sit, Stay and Lie Down – Real Easy!

how to train your dog to sit and stay

Teaching your dog how to come to you, sit, stay and lie down are considered the basic obedience training. They are easy to teach and your dogs will learn them very fast.

Dogs are intelligent animals and they are man’s best friends. Thus, never underestimate what they can do, regardless of their breeds.

In this article, you will learn how to teach your dog to sit, stay and lie down. They are 3 different sessions of training, but all of them can be taught in the same time.

As long as your command or your request is clear and specific, your puppy will understand and knows what you want her to do.

Thus, if you are ready, let us get into the training right now…

1. Ready with treats

Remember, treats are extremely important for every training session. Even during normal time where you do not intend to train your dog, you can still give her treats when she did something you want her to do.

Even professional animal trainers such as people who train dolphins, parrots, elephants or even whales use treats.

If you have no idea what treats you are going to use, here are some of the best treats you can find.

2. Teach your dog to come to you.

teach your dog to come when called

If you have no idea how to do this, this is going to be extremely simple. Previously I have covered how to ask your dog to come to you here. You can read the full article before you continue.

3. Teach your dog to sit

teach your dog to sit

Once your dog has come to you, show her a treat in your hand. You want her to know that there’s something good waiting for her.

Now, move your hand with the treat above her head. Usually, your dog will follow your hand, or follow the treat to be exact. Move your hand over her head and she will look up. And then just say the verbal cue “Sit”.

If she sits down, praise her and give her the treat. Pat her on her head tell her she is doing great. If she still stands and did not sit down on her back, you can gently push down her back.

In the same time while you push her back gently down to the ground, say “Sit”. You want to cue her that the move is called “Sit”.

As long as she sits down, remember to praise her and reward her.

You should try this a few times until she grasps it. However, you should not rush over the result. If you dog refuse to sit down, you can try out later and there’s no need to hurry for it. Patience is the key to every successful training.

In the same time, you can teach her the command to “Stand up” again once she sits down. Again, reward her when you cue her stands and she stands.

After a few rounds of training, she should understand your cue and know what you want her to do.

4. Train your dog to stay

teach your dog to stay

Training your dog to stay sounds like the same to ask your dog to sit. It is different. Asking your dog to stay is to ask her to sit and not move when you walk away.

Now, once you have learned how to ask your dog to come to you and how to get her to sit down from above, you can teach her how to stay.

Once your dog has sat down, cue her with the verbal command “Stay” while you try to move a few steps backward.

When you move backward and she stays, congratulations, she understands what you are trying to request her.

However, if she stands and walks to you while you move backward, you should stop and just ask her to sit again. Never punish or shout at your dog if she did not obey because she does not understand.

In the same time, you can use your hand gestures together with the verbal cue. Show her what you want her to do.

When you walk backward and she stays as you requested her to, ask her to come to you again and then you praise her and give her treat.

You should try out this training a few times. And if your dog does not get it, it is alright. You can spread the training into a few sessions each day with different intervals.

5. Train your dog to lie down

Teach your dog to lie down

This is something interesting and fun to do. It is adorable to see your dog to come to you, sit and then lie down when you ask her to.

First, you need to ask your dog to come to you and sit down.

Next, lure your dog with a treat on your hand and show it to her. Get the treat in front of her and slowly move your hand low on the ground.

She will follow your hand and move her head down as well. At this point, you can cue her with the command “Down”.

You can put the treat on the ground in front of her, but never let her have the treat until she lies down. If she wanted to eat the treat, quickly snatch the treat away.

Gently push her shoulder to get her down will help too, but never force her to lie down. A soft and gentle push will do.

Make sure her head is down and her body stays low.

You should do this a few times until she gets the command “Down” means to lie down. If she lies down and does as you asked her to, praise her and give her treats.

If she does not follow your command, you should repeat a few times and keep teaching her on this. Spread out your training sessions throughout the day. You do not have to do all these in one shot.

So what should you do if your dog just refuses to lie down? Here are 2 other methods you can try out:

a) Lure your dog to lie down

train dog to lie down

Sit down on the floor with your dog either on your left or right side. Rest your leg along the floor and then raise your ankle up and put your leg into an inverse “V” shape.

Now slowly move a treat to the opposite side of your dog. Remember, your dog should sit on the other side of you with her paying attention and looking at your treat.

Put the treat on the other side where your dog can see the treat and she will have to lie down and crawl over to get the treat.

Whenever she gets down, cue her with the command “Down”. And you will only reward her with the treat if she lies down on the floor.

Repeat this a few times until she gets it that “Down” means lie down.

b) Wait for your dog to lie down

This technique is only meant for your dog if she refuses to lie down no matter what you do.

All you need to do is to get your dog into a room and you get ready with treats on you. And just wait for your dog to lie down. Whenever she lies down herself, cue her with the command “Down”.

Give her a treat when she lies down. If she stands up for the treat, stop and wait for her to lie down again.

Remember, you have to pay attention to her body movement. Once she gets down, cue her with your verbal command.

You want to associate “Down” means asking her to lie down.

Additional Tips for Basic Dog Obedience Trainings

Pick a treat that your dog loves. A treat is a reward to your dog and she must love it. If she does not love it then the effect of the treat will be reduced and the training may lose its effect.

Increase the challenge. You should increase the challenge once your dogs successfully do what you ask her to. Put some toys, turn on the TV, create some distraction, etc.

Give treat sporadically. At first, you can reward her with every success session. Slowly reward her sporadically. Sometimes you reward and sometimes you just praise her. Let her get used to your command without treats.

Repeat the training a few times. You should also teach your dog these basic commands a few times a day. Whenever you are free, you can do that. When you do this randomly and your dog follows, it means she has understood your command.

Never force it. You should never force your dog to do what she does not want to or to train her for long hours. Sometimes she just need some time to grasp what you are trying to tell her to do.

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