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How To Train Your Dogs – What You Must Know


If you are looking for ways how to train dogs, look no further. This website is created by a dog lover for dog lovers.

Dog training is one of the most challenging topics, and it is also the most exciting one. Just imagine having an obedient dog that knows exactly what you want him to do and he knows just how to interact not only with you, but with people around you.

It is great to have a dog that knows what we want and understands our needs. Of course, we have to understand their needs as well.

There are plenty of dog training tips here, and you should understand what kind of training you are looking for.

Some people wanted to train their dogs to get to the toilet; some people wanted to train their dogs not to bark, while some people want their dogs to give paw, and so on and so forth.

So what kind of dog training are you looking for?

Regardless of all the tricks and training, there are some basics and fundamentals you have to understand. So shall we proceed further?

Before You Train Your Dog

Before you start to train your dog, you have to be absolutely clear about your objectives. What do you want to achieve from the training? Do you want your dogs to perform tricks or do you just want him to be more obedient?

Some people train their dogs because they want to play with them while others do it because of the fun of it.

Are You Getting The Right Dog?

any dog breed

We all know that there are many breeds of dogs, so are you getting the right one?

It is said that there is a dog that suits every lifestyle, but it will be difficult to find a dog that will fit the pet owner’s specific requirements.

For example, if you know that you do not have much time for your dogs, never get any breed that is active with high energy, such as the Jack Russell Terrier.

Here’s a dog quiz that you can take to help you select the right dog breed.

If you have chosen your dog breed, it does not matter, just go ahead with the proper training and you will have a good interaction with your dog.

And if you can still choose your dog breed, choose the one that will fit your requirements. Please do not choose a dog because you want to have a healthier lifestyle for exercise. Instead, find a dog that is compatible with your characteristics.

Choosing A Good Name For Your Dog

best dog name

Does your dog have a good name? So how do you determine what is the best name for your dog?

A good dog name is simple, usually in one word and the pronunciation will be unique and different than our normal daily conversation.

For instance, Bee, Buddy, Lucky, Happy, Rover, Rocky, Max, etc., are great names. They are easy to remember, and they sound a unique that your dog can recognize it easily.

If you have no idea what to name your dog, check out this list of top 100 male and female dog names.

You should be calling your dog’s name very often especially when you are interacting and training him or her. A great tip to know if your dog has learned his name is when you call his name, he will look at you.

Call your dog’s by his name often and praise him whenever he responds.

How Much Time Do You Need To Train A Dog?

train your dog

One very important question you need to ask yourself is how much time do you think you can spend to train your dog?

It is a huge and long-term commitment to own a dog. On average, a dog has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and we are talking about a decade here. Many things can change in a decade.

Therefore, consider all factors before getting your pet dog. Are you willing to commit and take care of your dogs for a decade? Are there any lifestyle changes like expecting a newborn in the house? These are some factors that will affect changes in your lifestyle.

And not only that, you probably need to set aside at least 15 minutes to train your dogs each day, and you may want to make it a few times a day, depending on your schedule.

Besides training, interacting and spending time with your dogs are important. You probably need to walk your dog, play with it, and take care of the hygiene.

Your dog will always be learning from you every time you interact with him. Hence, you should develop good habits for your dogs since the first day you adopted him.

And if you let your dog be, never play with him, never spend time with him and never train him, eventually he will adopt destructive behavior and be out of control. By that time, it will be difficult to train and it requires tremendous effort to adopt the right habits.

And if you are ready to train your dogs, continue to read on…

How to Train Your Dog to Come
How to Train Your Dog to Sit, Stay and Lie Down
How to Teach Your Dog to Give Paw
How to Teach a Dog to Catch a Ball
How to Teach Your Dog to Army Crawl
How to Toilet Train a Dog

Dog Training Videos Online

If you are looking for the proper and right dog training classes on the internet, check out the Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan is a close friend and his course, The Online Dog Trainer is one of the most comprehensive courses on dog training, covering all sorts of topics from dog obedience training, toilet trains your dogs, how to teach your dog not to bark, how to handle dog behavioral problems, and much more.

Danny is from New Zealand, and his work has been highly endorsed by the SPCA. If your dogs or your puppies have the common behavioral issues like below, this course is for you.

common dog behavioral issue

You see, Doggy Dan has been teaching his dog training course for years. Whenever people have problems with their dogs and puppies, he is the one that most people will seek for.

So who is Doggy Dan?

who is doggy dan

He is a full-time professional dog trainer and one of the leading best dog trainers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Not only that, Doggy Dan has been featured in numerous media coverage and is also a highly acclaimed book author.

Check out his website here for more information.

Now, coming back to his course, so what are you getting?

The Online Dog Training Programs and Video Courses

In his course, you will discover some of the most profound information and proven strategies to teach your dog about behavioral problems and tricks training.

You will learn how to interact with your dog and earn the respect. You will then become the pack leader.

dog training program 1

Besides that, you will learn what are the great tools and equipment for dog training. You see the techniques and how to effectively incorporate those tools into your teachings.

You will get to learn techniques such as the Calm Freeze, the Long Line, Energy Meter, the Short Line and much more.

dog training program 2

On the third session of the training program, you will discover how to interact properly with your dogs. This is a complete, and thoroughly walk-through session includes getting started, general health of your dogs, behavioral issues, socializing and commands training.

Basically, you learn how to have your dog to happily interacting with you. Some dog owners just do not know how to interact with their dogs, and their dogs will ignore them. Do not let this happen to you.

dog training program 3

In session 4, you will get to see it firsthand how Doggy Dan trains his puppy, Moses. You have to start the training session when you first bring back your puppy.

And these videos will show you everything from teaching an 8-week old puppy to 1-year old. You will learn the secret how to grow a puppy to a fantastic obedient dog.

dog training program 4

Next, we will talk about the common dog problems. If your dog suffers behavioral problems such as the list above mentioned, this session will be crucial to you.

The methods you are going to learn will be easy to implement and are very effective. Do not worry as Doggy will guide you through the training.

dog training program 5

And finally, you will learn the more advance dog training in session 6. There will be a lot of tips and tricks for your dog to learn here.

Not only these are going to be fun to your dog; it is going to be a great activity that you can have together with your dog.

dog training program 6

Now that you have fully understood what the course cover and how Doggy Dan can assist you in teaching your dog, it is time for you to solve all your frustrating dog problems.

So head over now and check out the course.

CLICK HERE to check out Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program.

How much is the price you ask? ONLY $1.

Yes, you see that right, Doggy Dan allows you to ‘test drive’ his program for only $1. You might look a little silly if you do not take up this chance.

I high recommend you to Doggy Dan because he is the only professional dog trainer that is so passionate and so committed with all the dogs.

Not all dog trainers are as professional as you know. And guess what, it is always better to train and teach your dog on your dog.

Train and Teach Your Dog On Your Own

That’s the main reason you keep the dog in the first place, right? Most people keep a dog because they want a good companion and they love to have a great pet in their house.

And it is always better to train and teach your dog by yourself. It is your dog and you will be spending the most time with your dog. Thus, it will be the most effective if you can take up the role as a pack leader and dog owner, to personally spend time interacting with your dog, that will be the most perfect.

If you have no ideas how to teach your dog or whether you have the capability to train your dog, no worry, as long as you are committed and you are willing to pour in the effort, Doggy Dan will be your best trainer.

There’s a saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Who knows you may have the chance to become a teacher someday in the future. Learning the skills how to train a dog is not easy and it does no harm as well. After all, it is a skill that you can use to make a living.

Therefore, for those dog owners and dog lovers who love dogs, since you are taking care of your dog right now, you might as well spend a little time to learn the right techniques and methods to become a dog trainer.

This is why I strongly recommend Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program. I have learned many things and understand how to interact with my dog through his program. I believe you can make your dog your best friend like me too.

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