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5 Easy Ways How to Make Your Dog Stop Growling

how to stop dog growl

Just as we humans communicate, even the dogs do. They have emotions and they will react the same way you react. Emotions do affect our behaviors in a big way and are the same case with a dog.

They produce different sounds to express their emotions. Since they cannot cry or laugh like you do, dogs will produce funny sounds in reaction to the emotion.

Growling is the most common reaction to anger. When you are very furious, you tend to growl or look fierce. Dogs growl to any aggressive and irritating feeling.

Maybe you though your dog is the bravest but trust me it has some phobia that will make it growl. They get moody at times and any fondling touch at that time is nagging to the dog. You just have to learn its behavior or else you will not be friends.

Since growling is a reaction, it is logical to solve the cause of the problem. Here are five easy ways how to make your dog stop growling:

Preferred comfort

I love sleeping on the couch and I always feel bad when am woken up to go sleep on a bed. What you did not know is dogs have some preferred areas. Most of us want to decide for the dogs on about everything.

They too have a brain and some standards that they love living in. if the dog is your friend, why restrict it the privileges it enjoys?

If you are keen enough when rearing the dog, you will realize there are things you cannot stop the dog from doing. Some of them will be so aggressive to almost biting if you force them to stop.

For instance, when my dog was still a puppy, it used to sleep on my bed. Each time I forced it out it would bark at me. I had to replace the mat for a small bed and the growling was gone.

Right to ownership and possession

How poor would you feel if all you had seemed borrowed? Worse still, the little you have is always at risk of replacement. A dog will always fight for what it believes it possesses and you will not like it.

Food is the most causative of enmity when it comes to ownership. It is understandable that a week’s bone will smell, but device a good way of taking it from the dog.

For such a reaction, you need to create a good relationship with the dog. If you realize it loves playing with bones, make them as abundant as possible. As you remove old ones, new ones should already be on the trough.

Creating a regular schedule for replacement of the dog’s valuables will always work.

Avoid strangers

dog growling

I know we love showing our beautiful pets to visitors. It is only okay if you expose the dog to social life while still a puppy. If it grows with that notion of having different people, they might be a bit friendly to strangers.

The same way you will not comfortable with a nagging stranger; the dog growls due to the same feeling.

It is dangerous when strangers keep irritating your dog in your presence. The dog develops some hatred and lack of trust. You are supposed to be its protector and this will make it bark at you the next time you pass by.

Make sure you tell any dog handler on what the dogs’ hates and show a sign of protection whenever you realize the dog is unhappy.

You can become a good dog trainer through the Online Dog Trainer course here.

Pain and anger prevention

I hate anything that inflicts pain on me. It gets me furious and I usually have a bad reaction to it. I suppose the dog feels the same or even worse.There are basic activities that we do and expose the dog to pain and/or anger:

There are basic activities that we do and expose the dog to pain and/or anger:

1. Clipping the nails using force

2. Cleaning after a long time

3. Trimming of fur using blunt objects

4. Hitting at the dog both intentional or unintentional

5. Shouting and scolding the dog

Most of these causes have cumulative responses from the dog. The first time the dog will not get aggressive, but try it another time. The growling will be very fierce and you risk a biting.

Some activities such as cleaning and trimming should be gentle with the sun shining bright. Make sure you do not irritate the dog in any way.

Occasional scolding at the dog will cause hatred since the dog gets angry. I know the dogs are prone to bad behaviors, but I have learned to punish it otherwise.

The best solution is training the dog on things it should not tamper with. If you have to scold at the dog, make sure you pamper it after. With this, you will avoid the growling.

Phobia and fear solutions

Phobia is a strong reaction and can cause the worst action from a dog. For instance, if you have snakes phobia, you would kill anyone who teases you with them. Even dogs have inbuilt fear of some animals or situations and will get fierce on exposure.

Do not assume the dog is a friend and keep enjoying moments when you are teasing it. The next time you will have a growling welcoming.

The best solution for this is learning all the causes of fear and phobia. For some mild causes, train the dog but for major ones, make sure you keep the dog away from them.

It is surprising that the dog is afraid some people may be due to long beards or heavy dressing. For such, it is good to train the dog and help them overcome it.


It is important to learn the behaviors of your dog. Those activities that keep it happy should be common for friendship maintenance.

For those behaviors that irritate the dog, it is important to act like a protector to the dog. With this, the dog will reduce the growling at you and will build trust in you.

In case the dog is always growling at you, try to detect the cause. However, a growling dog can be dangerous and it is important you treat it with caution.

I believe with the above 5 easy ways you will have a better relationship with your dog.

If you are serious about building a stronger and better relationship with your dog, you should learn the Online Dog Trainer course. It will prepare you and help you to understand your dog better.

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