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Petsafe Stay+Play Wireless Dog Fence Review – What You Must Know

petsafe wireless dog fence collar

Imagine keeping a dog in your fenceless house, your dog can run around freely in any direction, this may cause some serious problems because your dogs can run straight to the road and cause accidents.

Nobody wants their dogs to cause a problem or chasing strangers walking past their house. This is especially for house owners without fences.

Therefore, the electric wireless fence has been invented for this purpose.

If you are looking to get a wireless fence to confine your dog to a fixed area, you are in the right place. I will talk about one of the most popular products from Petsafe on the market right now, the latest Stay+Play.

This product has been sold on Amazon for some time now and it has been one of the most favorite items with raving reviews.

The previous version, the PIF-300 is bulky and the design is not as sleek as the Stay+Play.

I believe that the manufacturer, Petsafe, upgraded the older PIF-300 into this newer version of the wireless fence for some reasons, and one of them is that they have improved the boundary coverage, which is a great news.

However, is this product always performs up to standard and should you get it? Here are some of the good, the bad, advantages and disadvantages of this wireless dog fence…

The Good

petsafe stay+play wireless dog fence1. The Stay+Play uses radio signal, hence, it is easy to set up and you do not have to bury any wires or stakes underground to use it. Once you have it set up, just switch on the power and the wireless boundary will be established.

2. It extremely easy to carry and just set-it-and-forget-it. It is portable and you can bring it anywhere you want as long as you have the transmitter and the collar. Apart from that, the transmitter is waterproof and you do not have to worry if it rains while you are outside.

3. No maintenance required because you did not bury any wires underground. It is as simple as plug it on, adjust your desired radius, and you are good to go.

4. The boundary radius is adjustable. You can make the radius boundary coverage from 22 feet to a maximum of 105 feet in all direction. In other words, you can cover 210 feet diameter of circle boundary.

Comparing to the older PIF-300, the wireless fence can only cover up to 0.5 acres of land. While this newer version of Stay+Play able to stretch the signal up to 3/4 acre of land.

5. The receiver collar is rechargeable and you do not have to keep on changing the batteries. You can use it for about 3 weeks for a single charge of 3 hours.

The Bad

1. Due to the use of radio signal, the maximum radius it can cover is about 3/4 acre. And the boundary will always be in circular shape. It will be alright if you bring your dog out, but if you want your dog to have a bigger run-around area, it will be a headache.

2. The signal may be distracted due to topography like the land and trees which are in between. Plus, sometimes the signal can be weak if there is anything blocking the transmitter such as walls or metal roof.

Should You Get This Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence?

It is totally depending on your usage. You must understand WHY you want to get it in the first place.

First, do understand that if you are bringing your dog outside for camping or RV, it will be the best use because you do not have to set up any wire and the boundary can be up with a switch.

Next, if your house covering area is smaller than 3/4 acre, it will be ideal for you. If your house covering area is big such as an acre or, there will be areas that your dog can’t reach because the transmitter only covers up to 3/4 acre.

The solution to increasing the covering boundary is that you can get 2 transmitters. However, this will increase your cost and you have to think twice before going for it.

Keep In Mind Your Purpose of Using an Invisible Dog Fence

You have to always keep your mind clear and know why you need an invisible dog fence. If you can set up the traditional dog fence, by all means, go for that.

This is because you do not want your dog to get slight ‘electric shock’ pain when she tries to get away from the confined area.

However, it will be a great choice if your traditional fence does not work. Your dog climbs over or digs the ground and get away from your yard. If this happens, the invisible dog fence will be a great choice.

Furthermore, traditional fences for a house will be more expensive to build than using this wireless fence. It may take you days to build a fence, while it can take you just a switch to turn on the wireless fence.

On the other hand, do keep in mind that while your dog cannot get out, that does not means that other animals cannot get in.

Your purpose of using the wireless dog fence must be for your dog’s good. If it is not, you may want to think twice.

Watch this video below to get a better understanding of this item…

My Opinion About It

Getting yourself and your dog the Petsafe Stay+Play wireless dog fence will be a wise choice if you are using it in the right way to train your dog.

It is recommended your dog to be at least 6 months old and over 8 pounds before you use the fence. Of course, it also depends on your dog breed. Larger dog breed tends to grow big faster, thus, you can start the invisible fence training earlier.

Even with the wireless and invisible fence, you must still keep an eye on your dog from time to time.

My friend has a dog that always tries to jump over or climb the fence around his yard. After I told him about this wireless fence system, he got one and has successfully trained his dog to stay within boundary with no problem.

Using this invisible fence does not mean that you do not have to train your dog for it. You still need to teach your dog to stay within your desired area or else he will get a harmless static from his collar.

And luckily Petsafe has also included a training manual with the product. You can train your dog using the boundary flags in an open park.

Your dog will learn that as long as he never gets out of the flags, he will be doing alright. This is how you can keep your dog in a secure area without a ‘visible’ fence.

In conclusion, the wireless fence may or may not be suitable for you and your dog. If you are using it for the right purpose, to play with your dog and keep him secure, you are good to go.

However, if you are getting it because others are doing so or you just want the latest dog products on the market, it may not be suitable.

Once you are ready, go here to get the Petsafe Stay+Play wireless fence from Amazon.

petsafe wireless dog fence

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