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How To Prevent Your Dog From Being Aggressive Toward Other Dogs

dog aggressive

Does your dog act aggressively towards other dogs? Will he bark none stop and wanted to bite in the presence of other dogs? This is a very common dog on dog aggression behavioral problem most owner will face.

Please understand that it is not your fault when your dog is aggressive towards other dogs because you don’t know how to handle it.

It is not your dog’s fault either because he has no idea how to deal with other animals. Maybe he just wanted to protect his territory, or he is in a frightening state.

If you want to learn how to stop this problematic dog behavior, read my previous article here, How To Stop Dog On Dog Aggression. I have included a training video to show you how to do it too.

Here are 5 simple tips how to prevent your dog from being aggressive towards other dogs…

1. Take the leadership role

One of the biggest reasons that bring about dog aggression is if he feels threatened or if his alpha status is being jeopardized.

It is always important for your dog to feel that he is the next in line to be the leader other than you. Often, other animals will feel the same way and feel that your dog is invading their territory.

This will cause them to attempt to show the dominance. You have to learn to establish yourself as the leader and you are the one that is in charge, not your dog.

You want your dog to respect and listen to you. Whenever other dogs or other people are there, you want to show your dog that everything is alright and is in control, so there’s no need to act aggressively.

However, if he has no respect for you, then you have a leadership problem. Basically, you are supposed to be the ultimate alpha dog to him.

2. Allow your dog to socialize with other animals

Another way to make your dog less aggressive on other dogs is by ensuring that your dog is introduced to other animals as a puppy. Always allow your puppy to play with dogs that are mature and have the best behavior.

This way, he will be able to learn proper dog behavior from adult animals. Your puppy also learns that being with other dogs is okay and that he need not fight with another dog so that he can defend his territory or be protective of you from other animals.

3. Always address aggression issues immediately

When you see your dog become aggressive, you can stop dog aggression by immediately addressing the issue every time your dog does it.

Never allow your dog think that this behavior is okay. You can opt to have the muzzle or the head collar only while the dog is in training to stop dog aggression but should not be the solution every time this type of problem happens.

Watch this video here and see how my friend calm and stop his dog from getting aggressive towards other dogs.

4. Train your Dog

Another way to reduce dog aggression is by letting your dog go through strict training; this is so the dog is guided by your instructions rather than being focused on the other animal.

Your dog should be well-trained to focus on you so his concentration is straight and that you can also give commands such as sit or down even when another dog is around.

If you have no idea how to train your dog or feel hopeless in teaching your dog, I suggest you start from the Online Dog Trainer course.

You will learn much faster when there is a professional dog trainer teaching and show you how to do it.

5. Keep yourself calm

Yes, dog to dog aggression can also be attributed to how you behave around your dog. You should also teach yourself to control your anxious feelings and behavior, as small as it might be so that your dog does not take a nervous cue from you.

This can help to prevent dog aggression since your dog always takes its cue from you and will always get aggressive and defensive in case he senses any form of fear, anxiety or nervousness emanating from you.


It’s important to note that once your dog knows how to focus, you will be able to regain his attention by commanding him to find a something interesting like a treat when there’s another dog around. I have used this trick countless times before.

It helps to stop dog aggression because your dog will not even mind the other dog around him since finding treats is usually a top priority task for dogs and this means that dog to dog aggression is stopped even before it starts.

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