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3 Simple Solutions How To Calm An Aggressive Dog

what to do with aggressive dog

At first you thought that dogs are cute, and they are adorable, so you brought one home and little did you know that dogs can be aggressive, and they bark and snarl at anyone and any other animal.

Dog aggressive are a serious issue, and most dog owners do not know how to handle this situation.

I have seen people yelling and pulling their dogs away with force when their dogs see strangers or other dogs passing by.

This is not the right way to calm your dog and to fix the aggression. No matter it is a dog to dog aggression or a dog to people aggression, there is an effective technique you can use to calm your dog.

But first, you have to understand that dog aggression is a very normal behavior within your canine. They are animals, so they will snarl, growl and even bite when they feel they have been threatened.

If you are a dog owner, I believe you have seen your dog growl at other people who are approaching near him, especially during meal time.

Your dog feels threaten and thought that people wanted to ‘steal’ his food. Or sometimes, when your dog sees other dog pass by, he will growl and wanted to chase the other dog.

This may due to fearful territorial barking. It happens too, when strangers visit your house and your dog growls, barks and wants to chase after the strangers.

You have to understand that this is normal because your dog is trying to protect his territory and trying to protect you as his owner.

What you need to do is just to learn how calm him down and get rid of his aggression.

Aggressive Dog Behavior Training

Well, no matter if you want to stop the dog on dog aggression or your dog aggression toward other people, the same technique can be applied.

One of my good friend, Doggy Dan, has created a video on how to calm a dog when it is acting aggressively.

Dan is a professional dog trainer, and I have learned a lot from him. He offered his Online Dog Trainer course at only $1. And since then, he has helped many frustrated dog owners and solve many dog behavioral problems. I feel lucky that I get to know him early and learn from him to train my dog and be the pack leader.

If you want to learn more about Doggy Dan, you can check him out his Online Dog Trainer course.

Now, here’s a short and simple video showing you how Dan calms an aggressive dog for one of his clients.

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The technique to calm an aggressive dog is very simple. I have summarized it with just 3 simple steps below.

1. You must stay calm

The first thing you need to do as a dog owner is to stay calm. A lot of people try to shout and yell at their dogs, and this is not going to work because your dog just does not understand you.

Pulling your dog away or trying to stop your dog with force is not going to work either. This way, you will show that your dog is the leader, and he is in charge.

So stay calm whenever your dog barks or is acting aggressively towards other people or dogs.

2. Watch your body language

Body language is one of the most important techniques you can learn to calm down your dog. If you watch the video, you will understand what Doggy Dan is trying to do.

You will notice that he requested his client to do these things below:

Turn the back on the danger

Yes, when your dog is acting aggressive, barking and trying to charge ahead toward the stranger or another dog, you should hold the leash and turn your back on the danger.

In the video, the dog sees Dan as a threat. Therefore, as a dog owner, you must tell your dog that everything is alright by turning your back on the threat.

You want your dog to understand that everything is under control, and it is alright even if you turn your back on the danger.

Do not stand still and face the danger like your dog did. You will send the wrong message to him and he will think that you are ready to charge forward.

So turn your back to the threat and face your dog and tell him everything is going to be alright.

Calm the freezer

Next, you want to calm your dog. You can lay low, or you can squat down and calm your dog under his chin.

Do not calm him while standing on his back. You have to stand in front of him to calm him. You want your dog to know that there is no big deal with the threat, and it is okay to face your back to it.

Block the visual

What you want to do next is to block your dog’s vision on the danger. When your dog cannot see the stranger or the other dog, they will feel calm and eventually stop the barking and the aggression.

If you have watched the video above, you will see how quickly Dan calms down his client’s aggressive dog.

Remember, your body language is extremely important here. What you do will directly affect your dog’s reaction.

This is because your dog sees you as the leader and when he senses dangers, he will automatically want to protect you and bark non-stop.

And when you use your body to tell him that everything is alright and calm him down, he will quiet down pretty easily.

3. Repetition and take control

Well, your dog may still bark and want to chase after the threat after you do this. It takes repetition to tell your dog that the danger is not a danger at all.

Hence, what you need to do is to repeat the process like what Dan has shown in the video. He tries to walk out and in and out and in again to make sure that his client’s dog gets used to him.

Not every dog learns at the same pace. Some dogs learn faster, and some dogs will learn slower. And this is perfectly alright; there is no need to push your dog for this.

And if you notice, some babies and children acted the same way. When people who not familiar to the baby try to carry her, sometimes she will cry. However, the baby will stop to cry after she familiarizes herself with the stranger.

The same goes for dogs. First, you want to tell your dog that everything is okay by facing your back on the danger and calm your dog. And then you repeat the process until your dog learns that the danger is not a real threat at all.

Points to Remember:

– The calmer you are toward the situation, the faster your dog will learn your behavior and stay calm just like you did as well. So stay calm when your dog gets aggressive.

– Your dog will notice your body language and your behavior in dealing with the danger. Thus, if your dog sees you as a leader, he will learn and quickly mimic your behavior and stay calm. However, if your dog does not see you as much as a leader, he will try to ignore you and continue to bark and be aggressive. If so, you will have a leadership issue to handle and make your dog look at you as the owner or leader.


To calm your dog and stop the aggression, you must stay calm. Your dog will follow your moves because he sees you as his leader.

The video I shared above is just a small part of the training program offered by Doggy Dan. If you are serious about giving your dog the best and making your dog your best friend again, I believe the Online Dog Trainer course is something you cannot miss.

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So what do you think about this article on stopping dog aggression? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

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