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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking At Anything

train your dog not to bark

Having difficulties because your dog just cannot stop barking at strangers at the door? Don’t worry; I have some tips here that can help.

First, you have to understand why your dog barks at people and how often did this happen. Did your dog barks at the door every time there’s someone passing by? Has it been doing that for months or years?

Sometimes dogs will just bark at anything. This is because they can sense smell and hear noise from far away. Dogs have better senses than humans do.

Maybe your dog is barking at a squirrel on the tree and you just can’t see it. Maybe he smell something or heard footsteps of passerby and that’s why he barks.

Unwanted barking can become a serious dog behavioral problem if you let it be.

Treating a dog behavior can be challenging. It is just like changing a human’s habit. In fact, it is said that the more deeply rooted the behavior, the more difficult it is to change it.

Thus, if your dog has been doing the barking for a very long time now, it may require more effort and patience to stop it from doing that.

However, this does not mean that it is not possible. It is very possible to change your dog’s behavior and to train it to do tricks or to obey what you tell it.

Try to teach your dog the “Quiet” command as early as possible. The younger your dog, the easier and faster he can learn.

If you are ready to train your dog not to bark, follow these techniques…

Technique #1 – Teach Your Dog The “Quiet” Command

teach your dog quiet command

Here, you want your dog to understand your command to tell him to be quiet. So whenever you say “quiet”, he will keep quiet and stop barking.

Prepare some treats for your dog and get ready for the training. When your dog is barking, wait until he stops. Whenever he has stopped the barking, for just a few seconds, go to him and give him a treat and then say “quiet”. Praise him by saying “good dog” and pat on his head.

By doing this, you are rewarding and encouraging your dog not to bark. And if he barks again, just ignore him until he stops again. And if he stops for a moment, reward him again.

You may have to repeat this for a few rounds throughout the day so that your dog will learn the command. And remember to say the word “quiet” whenever you give him the treat.

After some time, test the training result. When your dog barks, say “quiet” and see if he will stop the barking. If he stops the barking for a couple of seconds, you can praise him and reward him.

Usually, your dog can sense that you have treats in your hand, so he will stop the barking when you grab the treats to him.

You don’t have to wait the whole day for your dog to bark to teach him this “quiet” command. You can trigger his barking by pressing the door bell or get a family member to purposefully open the door.

Technique #2 – Ignore The Barking

ignore dog for barking

This may sound ridiculous, but it actually works. You have to understand why your dog barks in the first place.

Sometimes your dog barks because he wants your attention. Therefore, ignoring him would be the best way to stop his barking.

What if your dog barks for 30 minutes or an hour? Yes, you should also just ignore him. You should not look at him, touch him or talk to him, just totally ignore him.

After the long bark and when he finally quiet down, go to him and reward him. Give him treats and praise him. You want him to understand that barking will never get him your attention. You will only come to him when he stops and keeps quiet.

Remember to reward your dog sporadically. For the first time he stops barking for a few seconds, say 5 seconds, you can reward him with a treat. The next round could be 10 seconds of quiet only then you reward him.

Keep changing the time you reward him with treats. You can increase the time or decrease it.

You have to do this for some time. It may take a few days or weeks to see the result. So be patience with your dog.

Technique #3 – Rewarding For Stimulus

reward your dog

Find out what makes your dog barking. Is it that he barks because there’s someone at the door? Did he bark because other dogs pass by? Once you found out why your dog barks, you want to associate the reason that is causing him to bark with good things.

You want to teach him that the stimulus, or the thing that makes him bark, means something good so that he should not bark at it.

You have to partner up with someone to do this. For example, get a friend with a dog coming over to your place.

Before your friend is near, give your dog a lot of treats. And then tell your friend and his or her dog to come close. Continue to feed your dog with treats. You want your dog to pay more attention to the treat even when he knows the other dog is there.

Once your friend and his dog leave, stop giving treats to your dog.

In this case, you are telling your dog that the stimulus, your friend, and the other dog equals to good treat. When they show up, it is time for yummy treats.

You can try out this technique a few times in a day.

Technique #4 – Create Distraction

distract your dog

Your dog barks non-stop, distract him by telling him to perform a trick. You can ask him to give you his paw and shake his hand, or you can ask him to come to you and then you praise him, or you can simply give him a toy.

However, to make sure that your dog did not bark because he just wants your attention, you should distract him only when he stops barking for a few seconds. And do this randomly.

Another thing you can do is to get your dog away from what makes him bark. If he is in the yard barking at strangers, bring your dog inside or to another place.

You can put him on the leash and bring him in. The lesson here is to tell your dog that whenever he simply barks at people, it is the end of fun, and he will have to go back inside to the house.

If your dog barks because he sees the motivation outside the window, just pull the curtain and close the windows. Stop the barking by getting the motivation away from your dog.

Technique #5 – Make Your Dog Tired

play with your dog

It is said that a tired dog is a quiet dog. And there is some truth to this. Well, depending on your dog breed, age, and health, when he gets tired, he will never bark.

This technique works perfectly if your dog barks because of boredom and wanted attention. When you bring him out running, exercise, train him, doing tricks, chasing the balls or playing Frisbee with him, he will get tired eventually.

And with enough fun for the day, he will never bark for attention or because of boredom.

This is why spending time with your dog is very important. Regardless of the dog breed, you should spend time playing and interacting with your dog each day.

When you get bored, you will try to do things that are fun and energetic like watching a movie, play games or have a drink with friends, right?

The same goes for your dog. He will request for your attention to play and to have fun with you.

Tips To Remember To Stop Dog Barking

By following these 5 techniques above, I strongly believe that you will be able to teach your dog to stop the barking and be a good boy or good girl.

And here are some tips that you should always keep in mind…

1. Do not shout at your dog when he barks. If you do this, it will only make you look like a mad man that barks along with your dog. Shouting will never solve the problem. So don’t waste your energy.

2. Never punish your dog. There’s no point punishing your dog because he barks non-stop. Being his pet owner, you should find out the reason why he barks, not punishing him for it.

You do not want to punish him to make him think that barking is totally wrong. He will only disobey your request in the future. And what if there are really strangers coming to your house? Your dog just wants to tell you about it through barking.

3. Be consistent and never confuse your dog. You should tell others who are living together with you to be on the same page so that they will know what to do when your dog barks.

Checking With A Professional Dog Trainer

Sometimes it is very disturbing when your dog barks non-stop all the time. And your dog may continue to bark no matter what you do. If this happens, do not worry, consult Doggy Dan, the professional dog trainer.

Doggy Dan has been training more than a thousand dogs, and his course was endorsed by SPCA. You can always check out his Online Dog Trainer program here.

When you learn directly from him, he will show you the right tricks and methods how to stop your dork from barking at people, at the door, at the door, etc.

Never be afraid to check out professional dog trainer’s advice. It is better to quickly solve the problem rather than to let it be and turn it into your dog’s habit to bark consistently.

When the habit has been deeply rooted, it will be more difficult to teach your how not to bark. So learn the professional way from Doggy Dan.

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