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How To Stop Dog On Dog Aggression – Video Learning Session

stop dog aggression

Dog on dog aggression is a serious problem some dog owners face. Imagine bringing your dog out for a walk in the park, and when your dog sees other dogs, he becomes aggressive and wants to charge forward. Not a very ideal situation.

You want your dog to be good and able to socialize with other dogs. Whenever you bring you walk your dog outside, you want him to interact and play with other dogs too, right?

This is not something difficult to achieve. Don’t worry because I will share a video my friend recorded on how to stop dog on dog aggression.

You will learn how my friend, Doggy Dan, uses simple techniques to get the dogs along.

But before that, you may want to check out my other post on how to make your dog less aggressive. It is always better to prevent your dog from becoming aggressive than to let him be and find the cure after.

As a responsible dog owner, you should learn how to properly train your dog so that he will listen to you and respect you as his leader.

You want your dog to know that you are in charge, and everything is alright. Enough said, here’s the short video how Doggy Dan stops dog on dog aggression.

This video is just one part of his 5-part dog training videos. You can get free access to all the five videos by subscribing to my blog. Just enter your email and I will send you the videos.

You can learn more from Doggy Dan through his Online Dog Trainer website. Below are the summary of how you can stop your dog from being aggressive towards other dogs.

1. Take Control

The first step is to take control of the situation. You do not want to let your dog run loose to chase after other dogs. Accidents may happen, and your dog may end up biting and fighting other dogs.

Use a leash and a muzzle if you are afraid. Play it safe and keep the situation in control.

If you know your dog will act aggressive towards other dogs, just take the prevention steps, leash your dog and apply the muzzle on. Just like how Dan did it in the video.

2. Read Your Dog’s Energy

This step is extremely important. You cannot stop dog aggression when your dog is in an aggressive state.

You must understand the dog’s behavior and energy state. If a dog is aggressive, he will be in high energy state where he is barking and ready to charge over.

Do what Doggy Dan did in the video. He clearly shows the dog’s posture and the tail are high. When a dog is in the aggressive mode, never let the dogs get together.

3. Give Your Dog Time

Patience is what you need here. Training a dog takes time, and the same goes for stopping dog aggression.

When your dog or the other dog is not ready, always walk away and give the dogs more time. Try to walk around with the aggressive dog, catch his attention elsewhere and try not to let the aggressive dog focuses on other dogs.

4. Parallel Walk

You want to get your dogs nearer to other dogs slowly. Use the parallel walk technique whereby you walk your aggressive dog in parallel with other dogs, just like what you see in the video.

Notice the body language of your aggressive dog. It is very important to note his body language because from there, your dog tells you a lot of things.

You don’t have to rush on this step. Just do it slowly and repeat walking around and slowly get closer with other dogs.

5. Let Loose

After 20 or 30 minutes, try to check on the dogs’ energy level. When you feel that it is time to let the dogs loose and play with each other without any aggression, do it.

You can start by using a longer leash and let the dogs run around and have fun. At the same time, notice their energy levels. If any of the dogs turns aggressive, pull him away and repeat all over again.

Usually, dogs will get along with each other pretty quickly when you apply the right technique.

If you look at how Doggy Dan did it, he only used around 20 minutes to stop the dog aggression and let the dogs loose to play with each other.


You can use these techniques to stop dog on dog aggression. It is very effective, and you have to understand that dogs are playful and friendly. They turn aggressive because they lack the social and they are just being defensive.

The best way to solve problematic dog behaviors and to train your dog is learning directly from a professional trainer. And this is what Doggy Dan has been doing for years.

He has helped countless frustrated dog owners and solved many dog issues for his client. You can learn directly from him through his Online Dog Trainer course.

If you like this article, share it with other dog owners. So do you think this article is helpful? Let me know in the comment section below.

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