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How To Teach Your Dog To Army Crawl

train your dog to army crawl

Want to learn how to teach your dog to army crawl? The first thing you need to do is to teach your dog the “down” command.

For your dog to learn to army crawl, it involves 2 sessions of training. First is to learn to get down, and then to learn to crawl.

Don’t worry, even though it involves 2 things to do, the training can be easy and fun to teach your dog. Just imagine the fun seeing your dog doing the army crawl when you cue him.

It is very entertaining, and your dog will love to do it because he wants to play with you.

Now, if you are ready to teach your dog to do the army crawl, here are some solid steps that you can follow …

1. Get The Treats Ready

dog treats for training

Make sure you have enough treats ready in your hands. Whenever you want to teach or train your dog something, you need to get ready for the rewards, which is the treat.

Small size treats will be perfect. You can either make your own or just buy them in the store. Here are some examples of good dog treats for you.

2. Get To The Right Location

Choose a quiet and bigger space area to do this trick. Preferably choose a quiet place. This is especially true if your dog is new to the training. Unless you want to increase the challenge, otherwise, a quiet and distraction-free location is important.

Teach Your Dog The “Down” Command

3. Get Your Dog To Sit Down

teach your dog to sit down

Stand by your dog and make him sit down. You can use a treat and show it to your dog. Move the treat in front of him and gently push down his backside. In the same time, cue your dog to sit by saying “Sit”.

Once your dog has sat down, give him the treat and praise him. You should teach him to sit before, and it is a very easy lesson that your dog can learn.

4. Teach The “Down” Command

Now, show your dog a treat in your hand. Let him focus on your hand and the treat. Lower your hand with the treat to the ground in front of your dog. And say “Down” or any verbal cue you love to use.

You can gently push down his body while giving him the treat to make him down. If your dog gets down, praise him and pat on his head.

You can repeat this process so that your dog can learn this “Down” command. Whenever you verbally cue your dog to get down, he will do it. Reward him more consistently, in the beginning, after that, you can reward him the treats more sporadically.

Teaching Your Dog To Army Crawl

5. Get Your Dog To Lie Down

train your dog to lie down

The first thing you need to do to get your dog to army crawl is to have him to lie down on the ground, which you have already learned it on the steps above.

If your dog does not want to lie down, you can never have him to do the army crawl. You have to start to repeat the “Down” command training until he learns how to lie down on the floor when cued.

6. Choose The Right Verbal Cue

For instance, most people will use the verbal command “Crawl” or some people prefer “Commando” when they ask their dog to crawl.

It is totally up to you what verbal cue you want to use, but you have to be consistent so that your dog can understand what you mean.

7. Teach Your Dog To Do Army Crawl

train dog crawling

Now, the fun part begins. Once your dog has lie down, get a treat and show it to your dog. You should also squat down or get down on the ground and do it together with your dog for a better result.

Show the treat in front of your dog and keep the treat low on the ground. Use the verbal command “Crawl” and use the treat to seduce your dog to crawl forward.

You should be a few steps in front of your dog. If your dog stands up and comes to you, you have to ask him to lie down again and start over.

If he crawls to you, praise him. If he moves closer to you, you can give him the treat and pat on his head.

You want him to know that crawling is fun, and the treat is waiting for him when you cue him to do it. Once he has learned the trick, he will have no problem crawling each time you ask him to crawl.

One thing to remember is that you should only reward your dog and praise him when he crawls correctly. Or else you will be reinforcing the wrong crawl with the treat.

Congratulations, you have successfully taught your dog how to army crawls.

Important Tips To Remember

First, make sure the distance between you and the dog is near. It should be easy for your dog and takes only a few steps to reach you.

You can always increase the challenge with distraction and a further distance once he has learned the crawl.

Second, never force your dog to crawl to you or to sit down. You do not want other people to force you to do things you do not want to do and it is the same for your dog.

Third, have the patience and spend time training your dog on this trick. You can do this a few times throughout the day with different intervals.

Fourth, you can train your down with a collar or a leash. This way, you will make him more focus and pay more attention to you.

And finally, remember to repeat the verbal command to cue him to crawl. You want him to learn the command “Crawl” so that he will do it when you cue him.

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