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How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called

train your dog to come

Training your dog and ask her to come every time when called is considered one of the easiest and most fundamental training, however, do not underestimate the importance of this training.

Just imagine if your dog let loose in a busy street or park, she can run anywhere and cause havoc, if she is not well trained.

And when your dogs are obedient and listen to you every time, they get to enjoy more freedom and you can be more relax too.

So how do you train your dog to come to you when called? Follow through these simple steps below and see how effective this training can be…

1. Get To The Right Location

dog training location

Choosing a suitable location to train your dog is very important. Do not start with a busy place where there are other dogs or a lot of people or plenty of distractions. Instead, choose a quieter place to begin.

You can always practice indoor in your house or within your house’s compound. A fenced backyard will be a good choice to do this.

If other people are present, you can always ask them to join the fun and do it together. This is especially true for those that will be living together with your dog. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Leash Your Dog And Keep Her Close

You should start with leashing your dog. Keep her close to you say around 6 or 10 foot away. Make sure your dog has to walk a few steps before she can reach you.

You can always increase the distance apart once your dog has get used to the ‘come’ command. As a start, do not get too far apart from her.

3. Say “Come” To Your Dog

Now, ask your dog to come to you. Make sure she can hear you call “come”. You can take a few steps backward as you do this.

You want to attract her to come to you. And usually when a dog sees you walk backward, she will wants to play with you and may come to you.

Call out the “come” command only once. If she comes to you, you can praise her by saying words such as “Good dog” or pat her head. If she stops while walking to you, stop the praise and ask her to come again.

If your dog does not respond to you when you call “come”, just pull the leash a little to encourage her to focus on you and come to you.

4. Give The Rewards

Once your dog has come to you, you need to give her the rewards. For instance, you can give her some light snacks and pat her on the head.

You want to acknowledge her obedience every time you ask her to come to you. And in the same time, you want to train her to build up the habit to listen to your command. This is why you need to reward her.

5. Use Your Hands Signals

train dog hand gesture

You can also use your hands to signal your dogs to come to you after you have called her. You can point your finger at the ground in front of you while simultaneously call out the “come” command.

When your dog can see you and hear you, she tends to interact better and able to learn faster. This is especially useful if the surrounding is noisy and your dog can see your hand signal to ask her to come to you.

You can also clap your hands once or twice to indicate that you are asking your dog to come to you. Just like using a clicker, hand clap works even better.

6. Practice A Few Times Then Increase The Challenge

You can repeat this training a couple of times so that your dog understands what you are trying to do. And once your dog has learned the command, you can then increase the challenge.

You can increase the distance apart and add distractions in between. For example, you can switch on the TV or put some toys in the middle. Or simply just increase the distance to 15 feet.

Repeat the same technique and train your dog. Ask her to come to you and see if she obeys.

7. Rewards Sporadically

Next, you want to practice with your dogs to come to you but you offer the rewards sporadically.

Remember, you want train your dog to come to you because you asked her to and not because of the reward or snack.

And eventually you will want to completely removed the rewards and only give her the rewards once in a while. This may not happen instantly, you could do it in a few days or even weeks.

You should do this slowly so that your dog will follow and develop the right behavior that you are looking to train.

8. Incorporate Into The Daily Interaction With Your Dog

One of the most powerful and effective methods to train you dog is to do it on daily basis where you interact with her on routine.

It will be completely random and you may want to try to ask your dog to come to you from time to time. This actually ensures that you interact and train with your dog regularly and more importantly, you get to see how your dog reacts in a variety of different locations and environments.

9. Doing It Off-Leash

train dog off leash

After your dog has learned to come to you while on leash, you can now try to train her without the leash.

Make sure you choose a fenced or an enclosed area to do this. Try to call out the “come” command and see if she comes to you.

If she listens and come to you, rewards her. And if she doesn’t come to you, catch her attention by walking few steps backward and clap your hands. Call her name to grab her focus.

Remember, all the training takes time and requires your patience. The key to making it a success is to keep trying. If your dog did not listen to you at all, you should go back to using a long leash for the training.

10. Train With Other People Along

Up to this point if your dog obeys all your commands, it is time for you to try out the same command with other people.

Get a friend or a partner to do the training. Remember to call out your dog’s name and reward her most of the time especially in the beginning.

You can increase the challenge by doing this further apart and with more distractions. Once you think your dog is ready, you can do it the park.

However, if your dog disobeys, never do it off-leash in open area or a busy place. Safety is still the most important issue that every pet owner should consider before letting their dogs run loose.

Friendly Tips On How To Train Your Dogs To Come When Called

Follow through the 10 steps above to train your dog to come to you when called. And here are some friendly tips that may help you for the training…

– Sometimes no matter what you do, your dog will never come to you. Have the patience and keep trying. So sometimes just don’t expect results too soon.

– You want to gradually and slowly increase the challenge and not doing everything in one step. And in the same time, you want to also gradually and slowly remove the rewards from the training.

Never punish your dog if she obeys you. Like all other animals, your dogs don’t like to be punished. In fact, if you punish her when she comes to you, she will less likely to listen to you the next time.

Do not ask your dog to come to you and do something unpleasant to her such as taking her for bath, leaving the park, or things that she does not like. She will quickly learns it and less likely to listen to you next time. You can do this once in a while, but not always until it has been conditioned in her.

– If all else fail, never be afraid to get help. You can always seek help and support from professional dog trainers out there. Do understand that each dog is different and unique, thus, not all the training can be suitable to all dogs.

Learning From The Professional

If your dog did not want to listen to you no matter what you do or if you dog is having obedience problems such has jumping here and there, chewing furniture or bark non-stop, you should seek help from a professional dog trainer.

There’s one that I strongly recommend you to learn from, his name is Doggy Dan and he offers an online dog training guide.

Doggy Dan is a close friend and he has been training dogs for years. Check out his course here at Online Dog Trainer.

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