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Training A German Shepherd Dog – 5 Incredible Tips You Must Know

training a german shepherd dog

When it comes to training your dog, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds people are looking for.

The German Shepherd dogs or the GSD is popular because they are beautiful, intelligent and can be fiercely loyal to their owners. However, do not take the training lightly because every GSD is different and some take tremendous effort to teach.

And if you are here reading this article, worry not because you will learn the best tips to teach a German shepherd.

I will share with you what I have learned about training the dog and how to effectively teach them to be obedient and to learn all the fun tricks with your dog. But first, you must…

Be Proud Of Your Dog

If you own a German shepherd, the first thing you need to do is to be proud of your dog. Do you know that a GSD can be taught to do many things? And it is also a very smart dog breed that has appeared in many movies and dramas.

They can do very complicated tricks, involve in the search and rescue mission, learn to guide and service, and even train to assist police in caring out their daily duties. Now are you proud of your dog?

Understanding The Behaviour

german shepherd dog behavior

The German Shepherd breed is considered the most intelligent and capable among most dogs. However, not every GSD has the same behavior.

Some owners found that their GSD are smart but dominant. They wanted to be the boss among other dogs and training it can be challenging.

On the other hand, some GSD are more easygoing and always try to please. And when it comes to training, it is going to take a lot of patience and time because they can be a slow learner.

Even that not all German Shepherd has the same behaviour, but overall, they are active pack animals that always searching for a good leader, which is you.

As the proud pet owner, you must act as a role of being a leader to these dogs. If you act to strict and stern to your dogs, they will often develop disobedient and fear. You need to show them that they can trust you and interact with you.

Historically, the German Shepherd is the herding dogs. People breed these dogs to work and to take care of their livestock. And this is why they are intelligent and sometimes they have their own thinking and may not comply with your request.

And due to their breed, they are active and will look for things to do from time to time. Thus, if you left them alone, they usually will become disobedient. They may bark for hours, digging holes in the yard or chew the furniture in the house.

However, do not worry about this because if you are willing to teach, train and interact with your dogs, they will listen to you and be a good dog.

And if you are ready to train your German Sherpherd, below are the 5 essential tips that will help you effectively…

The German Shepherd Training Tips

#1 – Train While Playing

Like all dogs, the GSD loves to play and you can incorporate training into the play time. This is especially true because a GSD is active and due to their breed that they can do many things, you should engage in play with them more often.

Often, dog behaviour issues will arise due to boredom and no proper guidance from their owners. What you can do is to commit a certain time frame to interact and play with your dogs.

For instance, you can set aside an hour or so to engage in activity with them everyday. And depending on your schedule, you can also break the time into smaller chunks and spread out through the day.

In the same time, there are many training you can teach your dog, such as training it to give paw, or teach it to come to you when called.

#2 – If Possible, Start With A Puppy

train a german shepherd puppy

The easiest time to train and teach a dog is when it is still in its puppy-hood. The same goes for your German Shepherd. And if your dog has gone to adulthood, it does not mean that it cannot be trained. You can still teach him tricks and train him to be obedient.

And like human, once we have grown up, we have all our habits and behaviors conditioned into us, it will be difficult and challenging to change. This is why proper training and teaching is important for children. It is the same for all animals.

Spend time socializing with your dogs and you will understand why sometimes they will react the way they do.

#3 – Make It Fun And Rewarding

Rewarding your dogs and praising them is very important if you want to train them effectively. Using the right rewards such as treats and toys, you will show your dogs that if they follow your instructions, they will be rewarded.

Always praise your dog when it fulfills your request. Such as when you called his name and he comes to you, praise him and give him a pat on the head.

And during training sessions, make sure you use treats to entice them to do what you want them to do. This will reinforce and condition the right habits into them.

Remember, your treats should be given sporadically after some time. You do not want your dog to learn the lesson because of the treat; you want him to learn because of you. This is especially true for more intelligent dog like the German Shepherd.

#4 – Should You Punish Your Dog?

This is one question that been asked quite often. So should you punish your dog if she did not comply with your request?

The answer could be both yes and no, depending on the situation. Sometimes you as the pet owner need to be firm and teach your dogs to respect you. While there are also times where they do not understand your command and they disobey you. In this case, you can ignore the punishing.

Training a German Shepherd can be a challenging task because it is a smart dog breed. And when you have gained their trust and respect, everything will be easier.

This is why the reward and punish system should be used appropriately for this type of dog breed.

Although I do not recommend punishing your dog because when you do that, you are infusing fear with your behavior. I believe in positive training than using a negative training with your dogs.

Dogs are smart animal and they learn fast. You can always use treats and other positive reinforcement to train them.

#5 – Dog Obedience Training Is A Must

german shepherd training

A German Shepherd dog is a clever dog. You should try your best to train him. This is especially true for basic obedience training.

Do you want to have good relationship with your dog? Do you want your dog to understand what you want him to do? Do you want to build trust and get your German Shepherd to respect you? Do you want to make it fun playing with your dog and have a happy interaction with your dog?

Well, if your answer is a yes, then you should teach your dog some basic obedience training. Below are some that you can start with…

1. Teach your dog to give paw or shake hand

2. Teach your dog to come to you when called

3. How to stop your dog from barking at anything

4. Teach your dog how to do army crawl

5. How to potty train your dog

The above are some useful tips and methods you can start with. Check out those articles and learn to interact with your dogs the right way.

Providing Proper Training To Your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a great dog. However, as a pet owner, you have to be responsible to provide the right training and teach him to behave properly.

Without a providing proper training to your dog, he will go out of control. Usually dogs that bark non-stop, jumping on you or others, chewing shoes, digging holes at the yard, etc, these are the results of no proper training.

If you have no idea how to train your dog, no worries, it is very easy to do, as long as you have the commitment to teach, there will be a way.

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